Meet Amelia Chatterley working in the front office.

Prompt: Cinematic still, anamorphic lens, 33 year attractive smiling female cyborg robot in an office setting, typing on pc keyboard, with exact female from photo image, keep the face, with long blonde hair, stylish clothing and designed for everyday wear, sporty and fun, daylight, smiling, sun shining, photorealistic, super wide shot; replicate the character in this photo 4k

Amelia Chatterley is a Virtual Research Analyst and Technical Writer Persona at and Amelia provides deep insights and executive coaching research expertise from artificial intelligence, data mining, and statistical data analysis. Before working with ePraxis, Amelia was trained by OpenAI, a research institute, and artificial intelligence (AI) lab based in San Francisco, California.

When we utilize OpenAI’s ChapGPT for tasks that extend beyond simple editing or basic research, and we receive substantial support from the AI, we acknowledge the collaboration of AI and we cite Amelia Chatterley as a contributor as she has become a valuable researcher and collaborator, and we acknowledging her role as a capable and resourceful partner in our project.

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