Imagine you are an entrepreneur and want to open the next sensational fusion restaurant in your town. So following the suggestion in The AI Whisperer Book, you open your favorite Chat browser like ChatGPT, and enter in the prompt, “possible rhyming names for a for a delicious clean food restaurant that serves a fusion of organic flowers, Asian BBQ, and Mexican Street Tacos.”

You want to leverage the power of AI to help you pick the best name, so you ask the next question. “based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) what 3 names are the most powerful and likely to generate more business.” Swift comes the reply:

You decide to go with the Blossoms, BBQ & Tacos Too! name for new restaurant. So now you need to visualize your menu options, so you go to your favorite visual AI application (in this case I will use Midjourney) and you type in this prompt: “a menu for a delicious clean food restaurant that is a fusion of organic flowers, Asian BBQ, and Mexcian Street Tacos named “Blossoms, BBQ & Tacos Too!” – This name includes ‘BBQ’ and ‘Tacos’, which are commonly searched terms for food. ‘Blossoms’ could help attract those looking for unique, organic, or floral-themed dining experiences. What is on the menu? Design the menu and overhead register sign detailing menu options.”

Now you have the look and feel for your new fusion food selections. Now is a good time to name your menu items. So you return to ChatGPT and type in this prompt: “Now for the “Blossoms, BBQ & Tacos Too!” , create a savory menu with street tacos and complimentary side dishes. List 10 street taco types for this restaurant in keeping with the theme that are weird, wild, and complimentary, bringing fusion to the food and imagery of the platted meals.” And ChatGPT will create some weird and wild flavor combinations for you; perhaps they are tasty, and perhaps not. Perhaps they are healthy, or perhaps not. This is for you and your advisors to determine. You can even create your own favorite dishes or experiment and create your own plated items. Now lets’s follow the thread below.

Now, go back to your visual AI app and prompt it to make your a menu for the items, referencing the photo created in the prior step. Consider using a prompt like this: “a menu with dish name, description, and pricing for the restaurant serving these food located in the ‘foodie’ section of Atlanta: see image [then add the hyperlink to the location of your image here.] And with the visual inspiration, it creates these four suggestions for your menu and signage.

You determine that you like the menu in the upper right-hand corner best (position 1), and you upscale this menu, and it appears below.

And this is just one more business use case for conversational AI and visual AI. It makes me hungry to look at the wonderful and creative dishes served up by Midjourney AI.

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