Image: “The AI Whisperer Draws: The Fusion of AI and Imagery Unbound” by Severin Sorensen using MidJourney on 5/05/23.

Prompt: “Design an abstract book cover that represents the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence for ‘The AI Whisperer Draws: AI Art Made Easy. ‘” Vivid color. Bright. Colorful. Inspiring. Dreamy. Engaging. 4k

When selecting your images, look to the minutest detail in the images, the expression, look, position of the eyes, colors, absence of artifacts, and most importantly, does the image emote and move you? Only after I ‘feel’ the art express emotion or a feeling, then do I rest.

Here were others that were created on the journey to the chosen image.

And with this imagery in place, it is now featured on the cover of The AI Whisperer Draws: AI Art Made Easy for the Non-Technical User Using MidJourney, released 5/26/23.