Image: “Laughing Gas and Humor Beats the Alternative” by Severin Sorensen and MidJourney, 5/15/23

Prompt: A patient’s anxiety in a dental office exam, dentist and dental assistant near the patient offering support and calming words. image full color, photo-realistic, concern, fear, tears. 4k

This photo could be used in a dental office brochure to illustrate how pain-free and worry-free the patient-dental visit is at XYZ Dental Practice.

Here are a couple of other choice images rendered by Midjourney with only a few upscales and revisions to get to render these images.

This image below is precious and would make a good meme photo. What story might you think this image tells?

How about, The dental assistant says,

“we just ran out of pain killer?”, or

“oh I’m sorry, I pulled the wrong tooth.”

“Now that I’ve got you in the chair, let me tell you about our new prices for dental services.”

Thankfully the dentist comes in and seeks to soothe the pain with the procedure he is explaining to the patient