“Introducing the Sorensens – Viking Style Circa 950 AD”, by Severin Sorensen using Midjourney AI, on 4/10/23.

Prompt: use the image, keep the faces and details, place in ancient Viking king, warlord, or warrior monk times as husband and wife with both yielding swords.

Weddings, parties, celebrations and gatherings will never be the same. Whereas before you found couples traveling to far away places to capture the perfect backdrop, now you can insert the images of the couple and with the help of AI you can place them anywhere.

Here’s an example of a base image that I used of my wife Jennifer and I from a 2017 family gathering.

What I found so interesting is how well the AI was able to capture colors of eyes, shape of eyebrow, nose, head, jaw, my wife’s hair, and other details in the photo.

Here are some iterations that I kept improving, iteration by iteration, upscale and revision, and until I achieved the desired effect.