“If I were a Viking, I’d look Like This” by Severin Sorensen, 4/10/23, using MidJourney AI.

Prompt: Keep the face, and place in the setting as a warlord, Viking, or ancient warrior monk.

My kids truly got a kick out of this one, particularly the scruffy locks on each side of my head.

To create this image above, I provided a hyperlink to my personal image below to MidJourney, and asked it to “keep the face” and place it in a setting as warlord, Viking, or ancient warrior monk.

Midjourney AI came up with several possibilities as shown below.

I chose to use the upper right image and ‘upscale” to enhance the image to create the one used at the top. Notice how each time it renders a new image, it creates variations one might consider.

Personally, I was struck that it captured my eyes, nose, and even my imperfections.