“Alone at sea with your thoughts” by Severin Sorensen, 4/22/23, using MidJourney AI.

Prompt: The period is 1977 – 1979, a serial entrepreneur who has just lost his business, decides to sail around the world to ponder what life means, and find balance. He sails in a single hull Swan sailing vessel that is 44 ft long. During the trip he encounters times he things he going to die, fearful, dark clounds, stormy seasons, heavy rain, tossing the boat to and fro. Survial unknown. In the disance a ray of sunshine peaks from the clouds offering hope of another day. photo realistic. cinematic. high resolution 4k.

I have a dear friend who is a serial entrepreneur who shared with me that years ago he lost his business and everything he had built. Devastated and alone with his thoughts, he set about to sail around the world and ponder what’s next. This picture captures the emotion of the scene, the loneliness, and the beautiful seas.

Another image created also captured much of the same emotion as shown below.

Interestingly, the boat type and vessel are a close approximation of the real materials.

However as shown in several images, AI appears to have difficulting drawing the hands with the appropriate amount of fingers. I’m sure they will figure this out down the line.

However, this imagery is suitable to drop into Adobe Creative Suite and correct the errors and stylize as you might wish.

“Alone at sea with your thoughts” by Severin Sorensen, copyright © 2023 by Severin Sorensen.