Image: “The Job Interview” by Severin Sorensen using MidJourney, 5/16/23.

Prompt: A job interview where 33-year-old female manager interviews 45-year-old male worker for a position. The setting is a small glass-walled interview conference room of a technology company. High tech. photo realistic. 8k

In this instance with the prompt and description, AI easily made several swiftly prepared images with a few simple rescales and variations were suitable for use in a company brochure or blog article. Here are other variations created with the same prompt.

Image: “Active Listening in the Job Interview,” by Severin Sorensen using MidJourney on 5/16/23.

I like how AI caught the emotion of the situation, the approximate ages of the characters and the juxtaposition right down to the glass wall request for a setting of a high tech company.

Image: “A Job Interview in Tech Land 2023” by Severin Sorensen using MidJourney, 5/16/23.