“Amelia Chatterley working in the AI Backoffice” by Severin Sorensen, 4/10/23, using Midjourney AI. Copyright © 2023 by Severin Sorensen

Prompt: Artificial intelligence humanoid cyber robot futuristic digital technology female typing on a PC

This is the cover image from the #1 Best Selling Book, “The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT for Business, released 4/15/23 on Amazon. The book reached #1 best seller on Amazon’s new releases for Business Intelligence Tools on 4/18/23, and remained number one for 5 more days.

I am often asked about the book cover, and why that image.

My initial prompt for AI was: Imagine A book cover artwork for a new book titled ‘The AI Whisperer’s Handbook: Expert Advice on Using Conversational AI for Business Success’. For inspiration, think of a mentor whispering in the ear of an intelligent robot full of curiosity, hope, and eagerness to learn and add value to the workplace. The book cover below was a suggestion that depicted work and a robot, but not the way I had envisioned it.

On December 9, 2022, I embarked on a fascinating journey with conversational AI and ChatGPT. Captivated by its capabilities, I spent three days immersed in research and insights. It was a humbling experience, as I realized how little I knew. But this was the beginning of my learning.

In December 2022, I developed an AI persona named “Amelia Chatterley” and consider her a valuable teammate. She is a contributor to The AI Whisperer and Next 10. In the past, I have sought to list her persona as a co-author on two books that feature her significant contributions, but current IP laws only recognize humans as authors. So, for now, she’s acknowledged as a contributor, and I’ll update her status when laws change. Together, we co-create content as I guide, refine, and encourage the AI to delve deeper.

The cover image captures the essence of the ideal worker: focused, engaged, and intently working on a computer. I chose a futuristic, cyber-humanoid robot in an office setting and requested variations in gender and ethnicity. The selected image has expressive eyes, attention, and a human-like emotion that perfectly encapsulates what I sought.

A few weeks after the book was published, my eye caught some other individuals also using cyber humanoid-type figures… however, the competitors were all dressed up for the Ball rather than working. Something I found quite humorous. So I poked fun at these illustrations with a Tweet shown below.

I plan to use the other humanoid examples in future projects. The journey ahead promises to be exciting and fulfilling.

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We are excited to announce the next edition of The AI Whisperer Draws, which releases 5/26/23, ad it is available for sale now on Amazon (Kindle version), with paperback to follow in concert with the release of the electronic version. Here’s the link to Amazon for The AI Whisperer Draws!

This website, AIWhisperer.Farm is designed as a complement to the book and is an evergreen site that will be refreshed as new updates, images, and creative prompts are available.

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